Bevo XIV absent from stadium, but not from Texas fans' thoughts

AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas Longhorns’ late steer mascot Bevo may not be physically present at games Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium this season, but he sure is in spirit.

Bevo XIV passed away in his sleep on Oct. 16 at the ranch where he lived on after being diagnosed with cancer. He was 13. Bevo XIV had been retired a few days earlier after the diagnosis prevented him from traveling to the Cotton Bowl for the Texas-Oklahoma game.

Texas’ game against Kansas State on Saturday marked the first time the Longhorns didn’t have their longhorn at a home game since 2004, when Bevo XIV became the school mascot.

As a memorial, a large metal photograph of Bevo XIV standing in his stall was placed in the stadium’s southwest corner, where he used to hang out. XIV stickers were passed out to fans to serve as remembrance.

During pregame, the area was surrounded by people taking pictures, and Bevo’s normal handlers, the Texas Silver Spurs, resumed their normal post as if the steer still needed caretaking. His truck and trailer were also on the premises.

There was a moment of silence to honor Bevo XIV before kickoff, and John T. and Betty Baker, owners of Bevo XIII and XIV, led the crowd in “The Eyes of Texas.”

The Longhorn Band also planned to honor the late mascot by spelling out Bevo at halftime.



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