Is Gase on the clock for Dolphins' turnaround?

As the youngest head coach in the NFL, Adam Gase, 37, faces outsized expectations with the Miami Dolphins.

Despite already calling his coach potentially the next Bill Belichick, owner Stephen Ross might have added to the pressure Monday.

“After three years, if we haven’t made the playoffs, we’re looking for a new coach,” Ross said in a meeting with the Palm Beach (Fla.) Civic Association, according to the Palm Beach Post. “That’s just the way it is. The fans want it.”

Ross’ associates later told the Miami Herald he was referring only to a league-wide pressure to win in that time frame, and not specifically to Gase, who signed a five-year contract last month. But patience might not be abundant in Miami, where no coach has lasted a full five seasons since Don Shula’s final season in 1995.

The Dolphins moved quickly to land Gase, hiring the former Chicago Bears offensive coordinator less than a week after the end of the regular season.

Ross made it clear Monday he believes Gase is the right long-term answer for the franchise.

“Instead of getting a retread that really hasn’t had a great track record as head coach, I was looking for somebody that really could be the next, if you will, Bill Belichick, Bill Parcells, you know, really great head coach, and I think we got one,” Ross said.

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