More good news in boxer Daniel Franco's recovery from brain injury


Published 2:27 a.m. ET June 19, 2017 | Updated 15 minutes ago

Here’s Al Franco’s latest update Sunday on his son Daniel’s recovery from a brain injury suffered just over a week ago:

“Daniel continues to improve. This morning, he gave us 2 thumbs up when asked if he could hear us. We asked him to wink once for yes and twice for no. He followed instructions and is aware of what is going on. He’s moving slowly which may be due to the sedatives he’s on but he is improving. 

 “He is good for a few minutes then goes to sleep again. We will keep you all posted. Dads, hug your kids a little tighter today. 

 “Today I have no choice but to fly home for work but I will return on Thursday. It saddens me to have to leave my son but my wife and Lea will remain behind with daniel. 

 Happy Fathers Day. 

 P.S please continue to share his go fund me page and please keep him in your prayers.

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