Roger Federer's brutally honest response to Wimbledon upset

Michelle R. Martinelli
Published 3:38 p.m. ET July 11, 2018

Roger Federer’s Wimbledon win streak came to a shocking halt Wednesday.

The eight-time Wimbledon champion entered the quarterfinal match against No. 8 seed Kevin Anderson having won 32 consecutive sets at the tournament. But that all ended when the top-seeded player lost – 2-6, 6-7 (5), 7-5, 6-4, 13-11 – in a dramatic match that lasted more than four hours.

On the rare occasions when Federer loses, he can be brutally honest when answering questions about how it all transpired, and this post-Wimbledon press conference was no different.

At one point, the 20-time Grand Slam champion was asked how he felt leading up to and in Wednesday’s loss and if he was blindsided. Simply, Federer called his performance “average” but noted he still wasn’t prepared to lose.


“I had moments where I was great, I felt like I was reading his serve. And then other moments where I don’t know where the hell I was moving to. …

(An average performance) doesn’t come as a surprise – those happen. Every second game is an average performance, I believe. Then you have moments in the match where you rise to the occasion, you play very well. But I wouldn’t necessarily say I’ve been playing like incredible. I’ve been playing well.

“But just today when I needed it, I couldn’t get up, and I think that’s why it’s an average performance and not a good one. So if I would have won in straight sets, then it could have been all right because I would have had a great first set, (and) the second set was whatever it was.

“So no, I didn’t see it coming. From that standpoint, I felt great in practice, good in the warmup. I’m feeling the ball well. Even now losing, I still felt like the feeling is there. It was just happened to be that today wasn’t the day.”


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